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Just for a little comparison, here's how the F40 1 series can look. This is an M135i Cerium delete, Maxton kit, Remus and Bola Flow Formed. Great work from Motech.

Having seen/sat in both, the 2 has a bigger boot and the 1 more rear headroom and is the shorter car as you can probably tell.

Collection tomorrow from my dealer
So how is it buddy.
Absolutely superb!

Bit jaded from early start and 7hr round trip but it doesn't disappoint.

The changes Motech made really complete it. I nearly didn't do the wheels was very last minute but they're really nice filing those arches. Cars on the way home we're driving alongside for an unusual amount of time working out what kind of 1 it is.

I've barely touched the tech, will leave all the interior and proper set up to tomorrow.

First impression though, cannot believe how good it looks in the metal and even breaking pulls very well. Steering is very light but I've not set all modes to Sport for steering and sorted.

Excellent value IMO.
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