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I actually like the car. I got to drive one here in the DMV area given the traffic congestion's that we deal with, constraints with urban parking, and people you don't care if they hit or bump your car. This is a great car!!!!!! Handles good and is pretty fast for what it is.

Let's face it BMW's are getting bigger in size and less are getting manuals.

So for the "enthusiast" out there explain to me how a bigger non-manual BMW is still an enthusiast car? Let me guess because it's rear wheel drive? In that case tell me how a M340 rwd is better then a M340 Xdrive? If rwd is for the "enthusiast" then why did BMW go AWD for the M5? : If your someone who's buying an M car which some still gets a manual you are not buying a M235 or really care.

I think the problem is these so call "enthusiast" are just upset that BMW didn't make something they wanted. Just a reminder for those "enthusiast" their will be a M2CS, that looks like a great "enthusiast" car. We can all agree that if this car (M235) makes BMW money so they can invest in making more "enthusiast" cars for us so be it.

Also, you all do realize that you can own more then one BMW's. For example, I own a 2009 135i which is a N54 6sd rwd, it's a car that I autocross (track car) and drive it like an "enthusiast" when I feel the need to. On the flip side, I have a Diesel F30 for a commuting/daily driving it's a 2.0L 4cyl w/ 8spd. Trust me no one in their right minds want to take a track car to get groceries. Again, this is just an example and not everyone is in my situation.

In conclusion, "enthusiast" just hate the car because they don't like it, not because it's good or bad. That being said enjoy that car I am soon in need of replacing my commuter car and would love to hear more about your experience with the car.
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