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Originally Posted by JustChris View Post
Totally agree on this Dave, I spec'd one to match as close as I could to my M135i. Came out over 40k (probably mine now also would be but wasn't a year ago) thus I'm not sure if the true point with no XDrive, less special seats (contentious but it me, can agree not for everyone) and a fair bit less power and torque.

Propel will say, ah Chris but it's lighter, however U.K. certain in real world driving it would be behind the Mlite.

I think the pricing is about 4K too much but maybe the discounts will adjust yada yada and let's be honest it's good to have options in this segment.
The base price of the 135 currently includes Driving Assistant and Live Cockpit Pro, which will (combined) add 2k to the 128...

The way I would specify the car, the 128 comes out at close to 40k... An M135 with similar spec, 43.5... (all list prices)

Interestingly... The 128 comes out broadly the same price as a Golf GTI when matched with a half decent set of options on them... (the Golf is significantly cheaper if you don't want leather seats)... and the 135 comes out roughly in S3 territory when spec matched (so quite likely Golf R territory as well)...

So I suspect pricing points are deliberate and many 128's will not have on them the sorts of spec I am putting into the configurator...

The main thing that puts me off the 128 is the black grille...

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