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£600 fitted so not cheap for a tuning box. Let's wait for dyno.
I agree mate! £600 is a bit of a rip-off. No mention of Bluetooth either.

Performance and reliability might sway me, looking forward to there vlog.
UK group but to Mike @ Motech.... I could ask if we're impressed?

4.3 would be mind blowing i this. Can't be that quick? Let's see very soon.

I assume (this could make an ass out of you and me ) that with boxes like this it's harder for a dealer to know anything has been done as you're intercepting signals rather than cracking ECU and tubing etc?

Likely can just tell anyway I'm sure.
You could see about a discount if a syndicate purchase could be organised 😂 never know eh.

350bhp 530nm sounds good to me