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I hear these halidex comments often but im telling you that whatever bmw and M did with the new setup negates any noted comments ive read about, as i say i have this platform and its fun and lively and quick and really good handling in the X2 setup so I have every confidence that a small lowered saloon will handle even better.

All im saying to all naysayers is atleast give it a chance and get some real drive time behind the wheel before we crucify them. We put the mighty M brand on that angelic pedastal, well they tuned the car and put the badge on the car, its not a full M but it will not be crap either, lets have a bit of faith in the brand. If at the end of the day it drives like sh*t and handles like sh*t, and all agree this to be the case, well then bmw and m performance will lose all credibility and that has more far reaching implications for the future of all m cars. I tend to think they will surprise most and it will live up to an m performance brand values.
We shall see.