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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
How do you know that from seeing online pix and making generalizations from descriptions, unless you’ve already driven it on the street and track??

Many people want a smaller can than a G20, something like an E46, and this model could fit that market. Im already driving this platform in my X2m35i and its great, and im coming from an F80 and have just as much fun driving this its not as fast ofcourse, but no one uses the power of an M anyway on the street so the point is moot, as this platform and engine is quick and planted and Id expect the car with its lower ride hight to be fun... no i dont care about anyones bs about the awd based on fwd, its completely meaningless for the driving I use the car for. So while I dont know if id buy one until i see it in the metal and sit in it, im not just disposing it based on bs claims of the platform than no single person here has driven yet
We owned a Countryman S all4 with the haldex awd (earlier generation but same operational envelope) and for grandpa driving it was fine, but when pushed the fwd biased awd system could not deliver in helping neutralize the handling shortcomings of being fwd biased, either in the dry, wet or snow. Now, if BMW where smart they would have at least pushed to have a similar system to what the focus RS has or what the 2020 CLA45 has, which can route a lot more power to the rear. That is a compromise I can live with. In all honesty the looks of the car is growing on me, but the drivetrain is whats scaring me off.