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Oh yeah, the CLA is still a cheaply built mercedes and is built at one of their worst plants, but based plainly on looks its a winner. I would still rather have a Civic or Mazda 3 than spending any sorts of big $$$ on these "entry-level" luxury cars.
The pull to the CLA is the brand/dealer/looks. They clearly went low rent on this car (and forgot to charge low rent pricing).
Style/fit/finish may be nice, but materials quality and feel are, as you say, much lower than the asian brands. Shockingly so when you sit side by side one after the other since your eyes are telling you one is 'better' but your other senses tell you it's worse.

The c class is a bit better, but definitely still behind BMW in the 3 and 4.
Again, the presentation of the car, lighting, layout, may photograph and appear better in the mercedes (and lets be honest, to most people that's the point), but tactile use is inferior (except that self close trunk, looove that self close trunk).

Family just went from an E class to 5 series for this reason.
The E looks waaaay better parked in the driveway and impresses people, but the 5 is just a better machine everywhere from the way the doors close, to the buttons, to the steering, etc. (except back seat is too upright).

I definitely don't disagree, even my CLS in some ways isn't as good as my last 5 series when it comes to interior materials or overall quality, but it puts a much bigger smile on my face and I'm enjoying it much more, so I say the trade off was worth it!
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