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I still don't understand why BMW is calling this a 2-series nonetheless a gran coupe.

BMW made a whole big deal that even = coupes and odd = sedans, only to introduce gran coupes. Ok fine, but this at least meant gran coupes would have "unique" or more couple like elements, to which I say, "where does the 2GC reflect this?" If anything this looks like a normal econobox sedan in the worst types of ways (BMW's version of a Ford Focus).

So its neither a coupe nor a 4-door styled coupe, but just a sedan, so... why not call it a 1-series? It would make more sense being that the rest of the world has a FWD 1er hatch, as well as not bring in the confusion of the 2 series nameplate being on both a RWD and FWD based platform, and fill in the gap of BMW NA's lack of a 1-series in their lineup of vehicles.
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