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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
Looks like a badass car. How hard do you really drive anyway? The practical extent of RWD for car enthusiasts is parking lot donuts and "drifting".

This hot hatch will haul ass without drama. Good to see BMW finally getting into that market decades late.
itll never feel the same.

even with like 200hp, RWD will always be better. Putting all the weight up front and having the turning wheels also drive just changes how the steering feels.

I drive an AWD car right now and can't wait to get back into a RWD one. IT just feels different, and thats why toyota for example made the gt86 rwd. It has way less power than this hatch, but it just feels different.

bmw doing this to the 1 hatch just means if you want a car that has practicality in their lineup and RWD you have to go much bigger to a 3 series which well sucks for people who would have been fine with a 1 series sized car