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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
And the S3 runs Haldex v6 which runs a constant 10ish percent to the rear and can push about 60 percent to the rear under slip. The Haldex version that BMW uses is an earlier version that is 100% fwd until slip is detected and can send a max of 50% to the rear. It's also slower to react.

We had an E84 X1 35i and we've test driven the X1 and X2 and they're just not my thing. My GTI is a wildly better execution of fwd, and even good enough to not tempt me with the Golf R. It's not like it's an oversteering monster or anything and I've driven enough STI's and WRX's on track to know that a 50/50 setup is still an understeering mess.
the gti is imho the best fwd car on earth... especially for the price... if i didnt have an m2 comp and wanted to pay half that would be my choice