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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Cost of ammo isn't really an issue for me, nor in obtaining it, since my location precludes me to the fact I work nearly across the street from Buds Gun Shop.

The gun intrigues me for the simple fact of what it is - unique. I tend towards that in my 'fun guns'. I CCW a Sig 45 Ultra Compact, so that works fine as a proper defense weapon. This would just be a toy to shoot in my yard.

Back when I worked for the government, I was in Bosnia in the 1990's and traded a pair of jeans for this bad boy (attached) - not something that everyone has around the house in the USA.

Um, because Ruger?

Bleh - Ruger is the KIA of guns. They work just fine, but after all is said and done, you're still holding a Ruger. Other than the 10/22, most of their stuff is just 'meh'.
Having what you said in mind, Id pick one up for the fun factor definitely! I see Buds has one for $739 which is cheaper than I thought it would be now a days. Good luck.
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