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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Probably worth pointing out that a fwd based ?awd? BMW is 100/0 until slip and a rwd based ?awd? BMW is 40/60 until slip.

In other words, an awd X1 is not nearly the same thing as an awd X3.
Sure, although that applies to pretty much every manufacturer, not just BMW.

Originally Posted by TajoMan View Post
I am not so sure that BMW will have 2 different platform for 2 series.
According to Van Meel, BMW is sticking with the I6 for M models. That means the 2 Series coupe/convertible remains RWD because they aren't going to build an M2 with a transverse I6.

Corroborating this is the next generation 2 Series coupe and convertible model codes which are G42/G43. In every case we know of, "G" is used for CLAR vehicles, while UKL vehicles still use "F".

I really hope they keep RWD but it is unlikely for 2er.
It does not make sense in terms of cost.
It does if 2 Series Coupe/Convertible customers would flee to other brands were BMW to take away the RWD.

Also, I don't think 1/2 series sells way more than A3 or A class. So there is no reason for BMW to keep RWD 2er.
The A3 and A Class are sedans and hatchbacks. For the 1 and 2 Series models that will compete with those products, BMW is moving to FWD.

I hope I guessed totally wrong, though.
Don't worry, you are.