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Originally Posted by TajoMan View Post
I guess there is no B58 engine in that car.
Good guess, since it's stated in the OP that it will use a B48.

This actually confirms the next 2 series will be FWD.
It does nothing of the sort.

First of all, it doesn't confirm anything, since its just a picture of an early test mule that could mislead, plus we have inside information that already had confirmed that the 2 Series GC is based on UKL (will be FWD/AWD).

Secondly, the 2 Series will span two separate platforms, as I said in an earlier post. So, in fact, the 2 Series will comprise vehicles that are FWD, front-biased AWD, RWD, and rear-biased AWD. It depends on the vehicle in question.

They should just bring 140 xdrive to US.
That's a two-box hatchback. Whether the 2GC is a 4 door or a 5-door, it will cover a completely different market from (and one that is substantially larger than) the two-box hatch market. Also, the the next generation 1 Series hatchbacks will move to UKL in 2019 (the same year the 2GC will arrive) anyway. So, there will be no more small, RWD BMW vehicles with more than two doors.

Originally Posted by termigni View Post
FWD LMAO. good thing I bought my M2 this year.
The current M2 will be in production until 2021. The following generation 2 Series and M2 coupe (and convertible) will be RWD and be in production until approximately 2028. So, yes you just barely got in under the wire with only ten years to spare.

That said, a FWD platform can be the basis of very high performing cars. You may be aware of the current TT RS and how quick it is. BMW won't be building 1 or 2 Series UKL vehicles with that much power and as capable a chassis any time soon, but if they do someday, you can bet they will outperform the current generation RWD vehicles. No, they won't have the same RWD appeal, but they are not doomed to perform poorly just because of the donor UKL platform (or whatever succeeds UKL).