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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Move to where? An underpowered Subaru BRZ or Toyota FRS? A Miata? An i3?

Or instead to an A3/S3/RS3, CLA/CLA45 with "cheap FWD", the latter of which with enough power to blow the doors right off many RWD vehicles?

Or maybe instead a Focus RS, Golf R based on lesser models with "cheap FWD"?

Or maybe a WRX or WRX STi? Those at least have a longitudinal motor, right? But wait, the Impreza from which they borrow is still available in some countries with - you guessed it - FWD.

Or, they can stay in a G42/G43 coupe/convertible 2/M2, still have RWD, still have the option of AWD in the non M-models, still have the option for an I6 in both M and M Performance models, and still have as much as 400hp+ under the hood.

Which do you think will happen?
A lot of 2 series owners (at least here) have the funds to buy outside the segment. They choose the 2 just because it's a good looking car thats a blast to drive. (Along with many other reasons) Just inside BMW, 3 and 4 series are options for current owners.