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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
A perfect replacement to the e46 I use to have but with 118hp more than the 325. Sign me up. This fills the slot where the e46/90 use to be. The f30 got bigger and the g20 even bigger. All this hate from people that won't even be a buyer for this. This is a smaller sporty entry BMW for the young professional in their first job out of college. It gets them hooked on the brand and they move up to the 5er etc..
I couldn't disagree more. Within a year of my first job out of law school I bought a new e90 335i. I only considered vehicles with rear drive and there weren't many, now even less.

This car with a front transverse mounted engine would have never been considered. That engine configuration puts it on the same field as any other compact fwd based vehicle.

It's a travesty, but we should all be used to it after a few years with the X1/2. Maybe BMW determined that today's yuppies don't care about drivetrain layout, but I would argue you can always tell the difference in looks and feel.