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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
I think to a lot of folks it is the fact that they are calling it a 2 series car. If they called it a one series, everyone would probably be fine with it.
Eh, well not us 1 series owners!

We own RWD cars w/ straight 6's in them (in the US, at least). Movement to FWD and 4-pots don't get us excited either. We don't gravitate to our cars because they were cheap (they weren't) but because they were small and in many respects outside of the M3 (and later of course, 1M, and oh all right maybe M5, etc.) they were the best handling / most fun bimmers you could buy. At least for the dollar.

I think I tend to agree though, now that the 1-er evolved into a 2-er and left an open slot, it might make more sense there than anywhere else.

I think BMW is building for the masses and hoping no one notices the changes (i.e. FWD, 4 cyl, etc.).