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I don’t understand BMW’s direction?

They were the ultimate driving machine, now the new 1 series and 2 series are basically Audi’s? I rented a 1series in Europe RWD/6MT/cloth-seats and it was a riot of a car, so much fun to drive.

I see the 2 series GC with RWD and a stick as the BMW I grew up with, would that not sell?

The 2 series as a wagon with RWD/Xdrive and a stick would be a great car IMO.
Would a sporty wagon not sell? Maybe people are buying SUV’s because there is no decent alternatives. I love hot hatches, but they are limited by space 2 series would be an ideal size in this segment.
Would an M2GC in sedan or wagon not be a great selling car?
Seems like the perfect spec to me?

If I could make my perfect BMW it would probably be a M2GC wagon in 6MT/Xdrive for winter use and RWD for warmer climates, am I the only one?