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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Again - YMMV, but I agree with most of the handling concerns when putting a car on a racetrack, but let's be honest, nearly no one does that. Running around town, or even through curvy mountain roads, I've found my Cooper S to be nearly as entertaining as my Ferrari for a fraction of the cost. The BMW didn't even compare to either of them.

With respect to repairing - I don't typically do any major repairs myself on my cars, but for minor things like fluid changes, belts and hoses, and plugs, coils, and things like that, I've found that the BMW was as complicated and sometimes more so than any FWD car I've owned.

Don't get me wrong - I love RWD cars and still think the 360, my past Miata, and old Alfa spider were probably the most fun cars I've ever owned. That said, don't discount FWD 'just because'. It has it's place too and can be a blast on the right platform.

Heck - I'd reckon to say that a Fiesta ST is more fun on the streets and maybe even on a track than a modern 3 series BMW.
Agreed. Everyone is going to have their preference but when people make claims like a FWD can't perform on a track or can't be fun, I have a small chuckle. The entire automotive industry has progressed and advanced in a long way. Pick any component and aspect of a vehicle and it is not comparable to what it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

My manual R56 Cooper Non-S with its lowly 116HP is way more fun as a daily than my E90 and F36. Sure the BMW's are better overall cars and they are just that, competent cars to get around - I don't look at them if I want to have fun.

As for the 2er Gran Coupe, we won't know until we can drive it but I am going to give BMW the benefit of the doubt because they have MINI and have proven that FWD can be fun.
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