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Originally Posted by IllSic_Design View Post
This x10000. I will never purchase a vehicle with a transverse mounted engine, unless I absolutely have to for some reason.
Not sure why.

I have a tuned F56 Cooper S and that car is seriously more fun than my 360 Spider and far more fun than my BMW.

Originally Posted by F30ZHP View Post
Interesting. I thought the RS3 was a great handling car that could send 100% to the rear wheels if needed. I also love that 5 cylinder engine but the car is waaaaay too small.
So buy an RS5?

Not everyone wants their cars to be the size of small yachts. I love small cars and find the A3 bordering being too big. I love the A1.

Originally Posted by okolisr View Post
Has the lack of a manual option for the USA been positively confirmed, or is this all just speculation? UK and Europe will certainly get a manual in this platform.
I'd be curious about this as well. FWD isn't really that big of a deal - and will probably gain more buyers than missing RWD would lose. Having no manual transmission really eliminates the ability to call this car a true 'drivers car' and just makes it one more random sedan.
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