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Originally Posted by TodmordenLad View Post
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Am I the only one who thinks this is some kind of parody? What part of this demonstrates either 'M' or 'Performance'? It looks like a shopping trolley which someone slapped on a few bits of plastic and said 'see, sports car ma!' I know, I'm a cynical sod.
No, you're not being cynical.
I've just been looking at pics of the 4 coupe concept - which is a shocker - and have come to the reluctant conclusion that BMW has lost its way with the design and marketing of its current cars.
Make no mistake, I love BMW - I've owned enough of them! Fortunately, I'm patient so will wait until they get back on track, which will hopefully only be a model generation away
They're definitely having an identity crisis. They're trying too hard to be modern, and are sacrificing their identity because of it.

Kind of deep isn't it?
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