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I do find it funny that the GTI/Golf R beat both generations of rwd 1er and you guys are crying about it losing rwd. I realize we're a US driven forum, but surely some of you have driven the 1er on vacation? Or even a non M 1 series or 2 series?

I've driven both generations a few times and we owned a 135i coupe. Understeering, harsh ride without commiserate handling prowess, poor packaging, cramped interiors. There's really nothing to lose with this switch. Sure, it could/should be marketed as a Mini, but aside from that, it's likely going to be a better car than the previous versions.
I"ll take a 135i w/non run flat tires any day over this offering
Still terrible shocks, even with PSS ours rode like it was mad at the road. My M Coupe drove circles around it with a shorter wheelbase and yet had a much smoother ride. Funny that my parts bin car actually felt a lot more cohesive than that thing. Of course it felt like a flawless diamond compared to our F30.
I still prefer RWD.

Wow the F30 was that bad?