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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
If that's the case , the FAIL on a 2er sedan will continue into three generations of 1/2 series in the US. WOW.
Just so it’s clear, what he meant was that there won’t be a 4-door variant based on the RWD 2 Series coupe/convertible. Clearly, a four (or potentially five) door variant will indeed exist and will be coming to the US - that’s the entire point of this thread. It’s just that - as discussed in great detail earlier - it will be built on UKL and thus FWD/AWD, rather than built on CLAR with RWD/AWD (as the coupe/convertible will be).

Given this, they actually are finally addressing the hole in the lineup that you rightfully point out. I fully agree with you that it has been a ridiculous omission. Furthermore, I, too, would have preferred RWD, not least because going with the UKL platform will preclude an M model, at least for this generation. So, if there is a fail, it is that - no M2 GC, so still no RS3 and CLA45/A45 competitor.