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Actually.. I really think that in this case.. it's BMW that has tried to " design vehicles for fat Americans " rather than design vehicles that americans will purchase.

The decision to not produce a compact sedan at BMW is baffling to me.. and it is a decision that most other companies have proceeded to take away market share. What's most surprising is that the E30 M3 sedan and then the E36 M3 sedan literally DEFINED the euro compact sedan market through E46 guise. Then BMW came up with their own idea that everyone in America only wants a big sedan or SUV... and that hatchbacks, convertibles, and compact sedans aren't where they want to make any money. Since then..

Audi A3 has come in under the A4
Mercedes CLA has come in under the C class
Lexus IS has come under the ES
VW has placed the CC between the Jettta and Passat

while not really a competitor..... check out HONDA. They have enlarged the Accord and Civic... but also introduced Clarity sedan and the Honda Fit is their smallest model.

At the same time... BMW enlarged their 3 Series, 5 series and 7 series.. and ignored the fact that a 1 series sedan would have been great for the US. BMW stubbornly produced 1 series hatches in 3 and 5 door version for Euro markets.. but not the US.... late in the game providing a coupe only in deference to the US market.

Then.. BMW developed a 2 series replacement and STILL ignored what the competition was doing.. BMW AGAIN decided to produce a COUPE only for the 2 series.. while continuing to sell 1 series variants in 3 and 5 door guise in Europe only.. BMW lost the midsize European sales crown in the US that they have so coveted and protected....

BMW then decided that they could ONLY market a compact sedan in Asian markets... apparently because people are smaller there?

Finally.. while competitors have SNATCHED market share like a fat kid eating cake. BMW has finally realized... Hey.. we could be selling a 2 series sedan...

So... it seems to me that nearly every premium manufacturer has a lineup of compact, midsize and full size sedans EXCEPT BMW.. ( add Volvo and infiniti to this list.. but they don't make small cars ANYWHERE).

As far as I am concerned.. there is little blame on fat americans.. and a lot of blame to be placed at the feet of BMW AG and NA.
Didn't the American manufacturers start this movement in the 90s by hiding behind different regulations for trucks to build cheap vehicles? That drove American taste for vehicles that used to be reserved for farms and construction sites. We've gotten into a height and weight arms race. I'm glad my wife is looking forward to a V90 once we close on our house.
Yep. And BMW has caught on. They plan to make a lot more profit making $75,000 M suvs than $75,000 M cars ..

XC90.. BMW has refused to go big til now.

XC40 cute ute is out . It fits the marque.

BMW has manufactured just 3,000 M2 in two model years plus. I bet they crank out that many X3Ms in two months.

Get into that house ASAP.. hard to find homes in midprice ranges anymore. The flippers are turning them all faster than homeowners can get to them.