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  1. Rumor: F30/F32 M3 to Get Tri-Turbo V6 Engine
  2. Rumor: BMW Testing Four Engine Configurations for Next M3
  3. Rumor: BMW Testing Four Engine Configurations for Next F80 M3, F82 M4
  4. Next M3 engine = tri-turbo?
  5. BMW Patents Turbo V6 Engine. F80 M3 Application?
  6. Engine prediction for M3/M4?
  7. future of n55?
  8. M4 engines?? other upgrades..
  9. I'm Confused.
  10. Odds of F80 M3 having N54?
  11. BMW Patents Its Electric Turbocharger Technology. More Power, Less Lag.
  12. Please clarify... why the resistance against V6?
  13. Decisions re I6 v. V6, twin v tri turbo, etc.
  14. what would be your engine of choice for the next M3?
  15. F8X engine pretty much established?
  16. Confirmed engine
  17. 2014 M3 will be a Diesel
  18. Could F80M3 and F82M4 get different engines?
  19. F80 engine sound: inline 6 or V6?
  20. Low end torque...
  21. Official: BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 Brings Back the Inline 6 Engine
  22. New F80 M3 Rumors +6hp, -220lbs
  23. Rumor - Next F80 M3 / M4 to have a 3.2 I6 with 473hp
  24. Question about the F80M3 / F82M4 engine !!!
  25. I found the tri turbo 6 cylinder engine
  26. Why twin turbos and not a single for the new M3 and M4?
  27. Revised F80 M3 / F82 M4 Performance Simulations and Predictions
  28. Predicting F80 M3 2014 performance using new M6 2013
  29. Bi-turbo confirmed instead of triple-turbo?
  30. F80 M3 Engine Speculation
  31. Updated BMW F82 M4 Performance Simulations-Predictions - Even Faster...
  32. Leaked infos about the M3/M4 - engine/weight !?
  33. M3 / M4 V6 Speculation
  34. M4 engine
  35. I just had beers with BMW M engineers who say s55 inline 6 with 3 turbos
  36. BMW M3/M4 s55 Engine RPM Redline Projections via Technical Sound Analysis
  37. ITB?
  38. Will the new M3/M4 have heat soak limp mode issues?
  39. i8 gets 1.5L 3 cylinder with 231hp, 462hp 3.0L I6 coming?
  40. Still Doubt BMW M3/M4 s55 Engine Will be Inline 6? Hear it From BMW NA CEO
  41. Overboost Function
  42. BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 Powered by More Than 425 HP
  43. Bi Turbo vs Twin Turbo?
  44. Update: False. S55 engine has oversquare bore/stroke and shares "nothing" with N55!
  45. Estimating M4 torque based on the graph...
  46. Anybody understand the F80 M3 / F82 M4 turbocharger technology?
  47. BMW Electronic turbocharger patent 2011 and F80 M4 "pre tensioned" technology
  48. News from G-Power ...
  49. Power potential limited?
  50. Crazy People Bothered by Amplified Engine Noise?
  51. M3-M4 Article from Engine Technology International, January 2014
  52. See Why the M3 M4 Carbon Fiber driveshaft is so cool (video on CFRP drive shafts)
  53. Official M3 M4 engine specs vs Bimmerpost specs
  54. F80 M3 / F82 M4 S55 Tuning
  55. Detailing differences between n54 and s55
  56. Future High Pressure Fuel Pump Issues on F80/82?
  57. S55 anti-lag system
  58. Performance Data Recorder (PDR) in future M3/M4?
  59. M3 / M4 Akrapovic exhaust and power delivery comments - Auto Bild Sportscars magazine
  60. Rough engine power comparing F8X to E9X
  61. F80/F82 Exhaust Sound
  62. Eisenmann
  63. To those concerned about F generation M cars and engines
  64. Here's how the F1 guys remove turbo lag
  65. Carsten Pries of BMW M: the M3/M4 S55 engine is an animal with shocking capabilities
  66. Performance Exhaust
  67. Shifting Gears and Dynamic Cruise Control
  68. Dipstick?
  69. No boost gauge?
  70. Exhaust system database for the M3 and M4!
  71. F80/82 with Akra = 1M w/ Akra sound?
  72. Engine Bay Layout
  73. Supersprint exhaust makes this BMW I6 turbo sound great!!!
  74. Teaser! 5 German tuners has plans for over 500hp
  75. S55 vs N54 dyno characteristic
  76. Why would BMW ever under rate their horse power on an engine especially an M3/4
  77. Time Frame for Release of an Eisenmann Exhaust?
  78. Will there be an M Performance power kit?
  79. BMW M3 / M4 Engine (S55): Deep Dive and Interview
  80. Break in procedure
  81. S55 One larger one smaller turbo?
  82. Intercooler?
  83. Launch Control disabled at delivery
  84. Proper engine warmup?
  85. BMW M3 / M4 Sound and Exhaust System: Deep Dive and Interview
  86. M3/M4 Akrapovic exhaust
  87. Liquid-to-Air instead of Air-to-Air
  88. Clutch Delay Valve
  89. Butt-O-Meter
  90. Why not supercharge?
  91. S55 vs S63tu - Turbo performance and characteristics
  92. HP 425 or 431?
  93. Will the Flywheel from a DCT fit in a 6 speed?
  94. Effect on fuel consumption
  95. Another Way To Turbo Charging It
  96. GT Haus Meisterschaft EV Control
  97. Manhart MH4 550: Tuning Teaser BMW M4 with 550 hp
  98. Interesting Chris Harris review (of Cali T) - sheds light on other Turbo options
  99. Launch Control
  100. Engine weight of the S55?
  101. Down pipes?
  102. Akrapovic info and rumors about mperformance
  103. Exhaust Availability
  104. First tuned M3 - Burger Motorsports hits 480whp
  105. M3/M4 tuning has begun
  106. 2015 M3 VBOX/Trap Speeds - Stock & BMS Tuned numbers inside
  107. M3 + just a tune = 479whp 484ft-lbs
  108. Golf Tee Mod?
  109. Does S55 have Dry Sump Oil System or Not?
  110. F80 M3 / F82 M4 exhaust resonator delete and straight pipes
  111. OEM Exhaust Mod - Possible in New M3/M4?
  112. secondary water-cooler for S55 inter-cooler...
  113. M4 dyno run - 500 hp?
  114. BMS hits 539whp with the new M3!
  115. Roundel's Satch on M4's Exhaust
  116. ::: Gintani F80 M3 / F82 M4 Down Pipes :::
  117. Turbo timers... Familiar? Plan to use one?
  118. M4 exhaust rattles on cold start?
  119. Information Oil M4
  120. Significant Recant - The New M3/4s are not Under Rated (long, technical)
  121. M235i exhaust --> Hope they bring an M3/4 out.
  122. Supercharged M3 VS M4
  123. aFe M3/M4 intake and exhaust
  124. Gintani Downpipes Installed
  125. pretensioning "antilag"
  126. Transmission Gearing Comparison
  127. M4 Sump
  128. 2015 BMW M3 Throws Down Huge Dyno Numbers! [Video] (Car and Driver)
  129. Quick question about auto stop/start on f8x
  130. Odd grinding noise
  131. Eisenmann exhaust for BMW F80 / BMW F82 (now with video)
  132. Got my F80 M3, and it drives "odd" at slow speeds.
  133. Aftermarket Exhausts
  134. Tuning the F8x
  135. Intake
  136. First Look | Akrapovic F8X M3/M4 Downpipes
  137. M4 vs. FBO 335i
  138. GSR Autosport cracks F8x (F80/F82) ECU
  139. Further dyno evidence of no under rating
  140. K&N Drop In Filter
  141. F8X 6 MT "extra" functions?
  142. All about drive train inertia and mass factors with sample M4 calculations (long...)
  143. F80 - Meisterschaft F80 M3
  144. DRM Motorworx ECU Tuning Group?
  145. S55 vs. N54 vs. N55 Dyno Comparison
  146. VR Tuned F80 M3 / F82 M4 ECU Tuning Box Kit
  147. Akrapovic Stainless Steel Down Pipes
  148. M&M Motorsport exhaust video (midpipe mod?)
  149. Golf Tee Mod?
  150. M3 JB4 Beta Testing: 491whp/531ft-lbs
  151. Exhaust Note Explanation?
  152. UPDATE!!! German tuner LEIB Engineering cracked the F-series DME last week!!!
  153. Loudest F8x exhaust thus far
  154. Meisterschaft Exhaust for the F80 & F82: Coming Soon...
  155. M4 JB4 Vs. 14' Gt 302mani and C7
  156. PP Performance stage-2 M4 Dyno run (588 bhp/740 NM)
  157. Yet Another Stock Dyno Run
  158. Countersunk shiftknob?
  159. Octane boost / race gas
  160. just black exhaust pipes
  161. BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 M Performance Exhaust Silencer Info - Finally Got It All!!!
  162. Photos of the Akrapovic F80 M3 + F82/83 M4 exhaust released!
  163. F80 M3 / M4 Akrapovic Evolution / Slip on prices released
  164. Mystery Solved: Complete correlation between S55 Dyno's, Simulations, and Real World
  165. // FIRST Akrapovic M4 exhaust in the US installed (pics and videos inside!) / TAG MS
  166. Gintani S55 F8x M3/M4 Downpipes - A Closer Look ..::PSI::..
  167. OEM Exhaust Tips
  168. Another stock F80 M3 6MT dyno
  169. Catless Downpipes and a CEL...What's the Verdict?
  170. K&N vs. BMC air Fliters
  171. What type of dyno would you run you car on.
  172. Intercooler/Heat Exchanger Efficiency
  173. Ethanol?
  174. Interesting Observation on Engine Operating Temp. in Sport vs. Sport+
  175. Alpha-N tune installed on M4
  176. How Do You Feel About Changing the Rear Gears?
  177. M Performance Power Kit
  178. Rear Muffler delete
  179. BMW M3/M4 GTHAUS Meisterschaft GT | GT2 Performance Package Exhaust [PHOTOS | INFO]
  180. Are M3 Dinan products covered by the BMW factory warranty.
  181. Akrapovic full exhaust
  182. Has anyone installed a clutch stop yet?
  183. MANHART Performance Kits
  184. Akrapovic exhaust
  185. Dinan tune possible release date
  186. Anyone disappointed?
  187. Blow off Valves on F8x
  188. M Vehicle Expectations and General Stick-Shift Questions
  189. Anyone get thick smoke out of tailpipes shortly after delivery?
  190. Sport and Sport plus sound
  191. ▀▄ eas | jc05e46m3's JB4 Stage 3 testing: 491whp/494ft-lb tq.
  192. ▀▄ eas | EAS M4 enters the 500whp club - JB4 Stage 3 testing: 521whp/540ft-lb tq.
  193. BMW F80/82 M3 & M4 GTHAUS Meisterschaft GT2 | Single LX | Downpipes
  194. Turner Motorsport Performance Tuning Module for F80 M3, F82 M4
  195. GT Haus Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust Review
  196. Lag - It's real, but it's not a problem
  197. Injen Intake System!!!!
  198. Went to order Akrapovic exhaust system for my F80 M4, came away with downpipe and exh
  199. Short throw Shifter?
  200. BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 Borla Performance Exhaust R&D with video
  201. Remote start?
  202. Turbo timer
  203. Dyno stock and jb4 stage 1
  204. Test vbox stock vs jb4
  205. Transport Mode Rev Limiter
  206. M4 M Performance Exhaust Pics and Video
  207. Dinan DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 1 for BMW F80, F82, F83 M3/M4
  208. Akrapovic Delete-R (Confirmed)
  209. PP-Performance Stage 3 for the F8X M3/M4
  210. m4 dyno central NJ
  211. Compilation of MAHA dyno results from Sport Auto Supertest
  212. Pics of 2nd cats
  213. JB4/Tune Sport Gauges
  214. Sneak peek of ARK exhaust coming soon!
  215. 100 Octane
  216. Akrapovic Sport Mode
  217. 100+WHP Tunes, When!?
  218. Performance Exhaust System Options - Valve or No Valve
  219. Performance Exhaust System Options - Cutting or No Cutting
  220. F80 Dyno @ Solomotorsports ATL (Mustang Dyno)
  221. M4 F82 Dynapack Hub Dyno Results with vBox Road Tests
  222. M Performance Exhaust Installed
  223. M4 ARMA cold air intake under developing
  224. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH F80 M3 / F82 M4 first look!
  225. Video of Eisenmann exhaust for F80 M3 & F82 M4 has been officially released!
  226. MPE Owners - What are you gonna do with original exhaust?
  227. OEM exhaust metallic clicking noise
  228. New S55 60-130 World Record: 8.1s
  229. Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust for F80 M3 / F82 M4 - Weights, Dyno, Impressions, Video
  230. Sound
  231. Does the dual clutch transmission rev match?
  232. M4 M Performance exhaust system - Video + pics
  233. Short shift kit???
  234. First look: Akrapovic Evolution + ER DP Sound Clips [slight h00ning content]
  235. What's yellow, has 2 thumbs and makes 560whp?
  236. Dinantronics M3/M4 Performance Tuner Review
  237. VTT M3/4 turbocharger upgrade coming soon!
  238. M Performance Exhaust Pricing
  239. quick review of Zima motorsports downpipes
  240. GIAC Flash For your F8x M3 M4
  241. GTHAUS Meisterschaft Catless Downpipes installed on our F80 M3!
  242. Redline in 1st & 2nd gear?
  243. stock f8x vs e9x exhasut tips
  244. Farts
  245. Quick newb questions
  246. Performance Exhaust
  247. Warming up
  248. Highest pitched exhaust combo?
  249. Custom tune to produce more NA-like feel?
  250. E90 asking you M4 dudes