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  1. M3/M4 vs W205 C63 AMG
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  8. Audi did it
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  13. This E30 M3 or the F82 M4?
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  15. E92 now or wait for F80 next year?
  16. People who seem to be happy with the new F80 M3 / F82 M4 engine direction
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  18. F82 M4 or GTR?
  19. Poll - Are E9X M3 owners biased against the new M4?
  20. C7 or M4
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  23. Normally Aspirated vs Turbocharged (Chris Harris)
  24. 991 GT3 RS Price Point
  25. M3/M4 fit and finish improvements over 335i/435i
  26. Engine real sound comparison (no trick)
  27. M4 vs 04' SL600
  28. 2014 M3/M4 vs 2014 Z/28 at the Ring
  29. Thoughts on M235i vs F8X?
  30. Is it me or am I right?
  31. ATS-V vs M3/M4
  32. While we await the transition from V8 to turbo 6, so does F1. With similar "concerns"
  33. BMW M4 vs Jaguar F-Type R
  34. Alpina new B4 BiTurbo is ready and competitor for ///M4 !
  35. M235 viable alternative to M4?
  36. Ford planning a flat plane crank (180deg) V8 for the next Mustang!?
  37. M4 vs. RC-F [updated]
  38. 2015 Mustang benchmarked against outgoing M3. Already trailing the upcoming M4?
  39. Americans: How many people genuinely cross-shop M3 to Mustang/Corvette etc?
  40. The F8x M3/M4 will be held to light against the E30 M3
  41. S55 vs. S65
  42. Dilemma: F10 M5 or F82 M4?
  43. Anyone cross shopping Maserati Ghibili against M3
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  45. Is E9X 335i and 335is naturally to be replaced by F8X M3/M4 ???
  46. M4 or used 911 turbo ?
  47. M4 or a Camaro Z/28?! Same price!
  48. First Comparison Look at BMW M4 versus Lexus RC F
  49. Who is cross shopping the new Z06 against the M4?
  50. Have to sell one to keep the other two...1M, E92 M3, F82 M4
  51. S55: back to tradition or even further from it?
  52. 550xi vs M3
  53. Keep or Sell e92 M3 and buy new one?
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  55. Porsche 991 Turbo, virtual gears, sailing and start stop to save fuel
  56. Have i done the right thing???
  57. M3 or M5?
  58. Jenson Button's view on noise and torque of the turbo 6 vs NA V8...
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  60. [Interior quality] M3 vs M5
  61. Irrefutable proof F82 better than E90
  62. Would you consider an M6 over M4 if you had the extra $$$ ?
  63. Pics of f80 v e90
  64. Committed F8X buyers, will it bother you if the W205 C63 makes over 500hp?
  65. M3/M4 vs. RS5
  66. M4 or NSX
  67. 2015 M3 or 2015 GTR
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  69. S55 mono-scroll turbo vs. N55 twin-scroll turbo
  70. Alpina B4 Biturbo: The gentleman's M3
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  72. Alpina D3 Biturbo: The Diesel M3 (!)
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  75. GT-R Powerplant in an Infiniti sedan: Q50 Eau Rouge
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  77. 991 S or M4?
  78. 991 GT3 Issues
  79. M4 vs. ANY Vehicle Around $100-$120k?
  80. Waiting to compare M4 vs. competitors
  81. 2015 M4 now or wait for the GTR R36 2016 model released in 2015 !!!
  82. If this were the new C63 coupe....
  83. F1 Sounds - N/A V8 vs. Turbo 6
  84. Depreciation VS. F10 M5
  85. Wavering...
  86. Two cars that caught my eye waiting
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  93. Chris Harris reviews the new McLaren 650S
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  100. M3/M4 versus Memory lane!
  101. Unique parts content: M Performance vs. M
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  103. Gen V Viper...?
  104. M3/M4 vs. cometition in the sport sedan/coupe range
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  108. Lexus Survey for the RCF
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  112. M3/M4 CSL with S65 engine !?
  113. Vs. others
  114. 2015 F80 M3 vs 2013 E92 M3
  115. M3/M4 vs M5/M6
  116. check out the latest shirt from blipshift online
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  118. Vs. Cayman GT4
  119. vs. RS3
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  133. Blasphemy....
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  137. I'm so screwed.
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  152. Fiesta ST Steering
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