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  3. European Delivery
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  13. 2014 M3 Release / Production Start
  14. When Will The M4 Starts Production & Delivery?
  15. M4 pricing in Canada
  16. When will the F82 M4 be available on the market?
  17. M4 European Delivery
  18. When will dealers take F80/F82 M3/M4 orders?
  19. M4 Waiting Lists
  20. M4 Euro Delivery - Told you can't initially
  21. Will M4 have a gas guzzler tax?
  22. Preordering through Pentagon Car Sales
  23. M4 pricing?
  24. Post your M3/M4 body style, options order
  25. Have you pre-ordered a 2014 M3 or M4?
  26. 2014 M3/M4 Dealer Launch Car Order Guide Reveals Colors, Options, Packages
  27. Lease Extend or Buy?
  28. Buying dealer launch car M4 (dealer demo)
  29. Pricing prediction for my F80 M3
  30. M4 almost ordered for March Production - April delivery
  31. Anyone want to hazard a lease figures guess?
  32. How much deposit did you put down?
  33. No option m3 lease price
  34. looking for an M4 alloc.
  35. What will the M3 sedan base price be?
  36. Is your name on the waiting list?
  37. 2014 or 2015 M4 for launch? Need advice On ED purchase
  38. Can we lease if we are among early adopters?
  39. UK Price Estimate != US Price Estimates?
  40. M3 / M4 Online Visualizer
  41. M3/M4 Group European Delivery
  42. dealer called to collect deposit
  43. What is my chance with BMW Finance??
  44. 22 Bimmerpost US Members Confirmed For First Welt F80/F82 Group ED Event - June 23!!
  45. Deposit made and I am the 17th person :-(
  46. Dealer's Launch M4 Build
  47. M3/M4 UK Configurator WITH Options & Pricing now online!
  48. What is standard on the M3/M4
  49. How far in advance of production is pricing released?
  50. Freight and PDI in Canada
  51. No Bang & Olufsen stereo offered?
  52. M4 New Car Order
  53. Who has ordered an M3/M4? Your config
  54. Timeline for BMW M4 / M3 Pricing, Ordering, Delivery and European Delivery Dates
  55. 2015 BMW M3 and BMW M4 Price: $62,000 and $64,200
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  65. Lease Residuals?
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  67. Thoughts on trading 2013 E92 in on a M3 sedan?
  68. Question for Northeast Buyers.
  69. E9x m3 launch lease rates
  70. E9x m3 lease deals at launch back in 2008
  71. Did I miss the boat ;-(??? M4 Pre-Order Help
  72. UK M3/M4 Pricelist Brochure
  73. M4 for 65k
  74. BMWCCA Membership Rewards Rebate
  75. Military sales question
  76. When are we getting the US Price/Options Guide??
  77. USA F80 M3 Order with Option List (from demo order guide)
  78. European Delivery w/ Navigation, European disc?
  79. M4/M3 german pricing
  80. $2500 NON-refundable Deposit?
  81. M3 and M4 UK pre-orders at 200+
  82. Got my delivery dates today!
  83. Over MSRP?
  84. M3/M4 catalog?
  85. M3/M4 German Price List [PDF download]
  86. 2015 F82 BMW M4 (my order details)
  87. If I trade...
  88. What's the status in the US?
  89. BMW US website configurator when?
  90. When are first M3/M4 deliveries taking place?
  91. Question about Adaptive M Suspension Option
  92. My Dealer still has allocations available
  93. Any UK owners placed an order yet?
  94. 2015 F82 BMW M4 Individual Order Specs
  95. Is the US really getting deliveries the same time?
  96. M3/M4 Residuals = 55/57/58
  97. Ventilated seat option?
  98. M3 Convertible Build goes away USA Website..F8X Coming any Minute Now!
  99. Canadian Residuals (M3/M4)
  100. US order sheets, new timeline?
  101. Uk £1000 5yr service plan
  102. Multiple Security Deposits + Calculator
  103. Any thoughts on when the M3/M4 configurator will be put up on the BMWUSA site?
  104. European delivery questions
  105. YES!!! I just placed my order for the M4!!!
  106. Guesstimate your build price
  107. M4 Individual
  108. Why haven't they released pricing/residuals yet?
  109. Just Reserved my spot, now I have lotsa questions...
  110. M3/M4 North American Model Codes
  111. M3/M4 Markup
  112. Guess the F8x standard equipment
  113. Why is Bmw charging for M-Dct?
  114. Euro delivery, dealer profit?
  115. German M4/M3 Configurator is online
  116. What is the time frame for custom order from factory?
  117. Preference- Late model '15 M4 vs early '16 M4?
  118. U.S. 2015 BMW M3 and M4 Coupe Pricing Guide
  119. Guesses on mf and residuals to start?
  120. Automated pricing spreadsheet to calculate total cost of 2015 M3 and M4
  121. M3/4 Lease Residual/Money Factor - Historical data
  122. ED and Oktoberfest???
  123. Placed an order in MD!
  124. Anyone knows if you get your money back if you put a deposit
  125. 2015 M3/M4 Configurator - Compact
  126. A way to justify CA (or not)
  127. For those of you buying M3/M4, what payments are you looking at?
  128. Allocation information available
  129. 2015 M3/M4 U.S. Military Price Guide - official
  130. When does production for customer car starts?
  131. WTH? SA told me no allocation information and can't place order yet?
  132. Lease, Finance, or Cash for M3/M4
  133. Do you want a M4 US allocation/March Build/June Delivery available now? Here you go!
  134. Production number and expected delivery date
  135. Anyone have a configurable launch car allocation for the M4?
  136. ordered my m4 :)
  137. Has anyone had ED pricing honored?
  138. Off the lot?
  139. Is MSRP the Going Price?
  140. ED and doing clear bra in Europe?
  141. ED Planning
  142. BMW M3 and M4 Lease Rates (36 months)
  143. One Step Closer
  144. Dealer Called
  145. lease quote from dealer M4
  146. "First Delivery?"
  147. Order M4
  148. Gas Guzzler tax?
  149. Lease residual rate conversion help
  150. Launch Cars/HEA Still Modifiable?
  151. "Wait till May.."
  152. Canadian orders-Update: Production numbers confirmed
  153. In all honesty kinda disappointed in payment structure
  154. Dealer Allocations???
  155. M4 finance quote from dealer
  156. U.S. Production Slots
  157. Anybody else order from Pentagon Car Sales?
  158. Paying over MSRP?? no thanks!
  159. Prices in Switzerland
  160. When will the M3 be available in the US?
  161. M3 ordered
  162. US Build dates.
  163. Price Quote for F80 M3
  164. Tough choice between M5 & M3/4 - basically same lease price. Thank you JMK in NJ!
  165. no membership reward rebate for m3 or m4?
  166. True cost of Ownership
  167. ED Lease On Nearly Loaded 2015 M3 $867.71 with NO MSD's!!!
  168. Struggling on what build I want to go with
  169. 2013 335is to...
  170. My Calculations on Cost of Ownership Lease vs. Finance
  171. European delivery and Italy questions
  172. Finally Ordered - F82 M4
  173. Recomendation for a decent sales rep at Sterling BMW, Newport Beach
  174. Placed my order! But.....
  175. 1st F80 M3 Ordered from Coast BMW
  176. M3/M4 Performance Center Delivery?
  177. Canadian Production Date
  178. M4 production mid-May
  179. M4 Order...Did I miss anything?
  180. Lease transfer question
  181. Canadian M3/M4 Production Supposedly Pushed Back
  182. Australian Orders
  183. Mineral White M3 Ordered!
  184. Sakhir Orange M4 ordered
  185. Allocation for smaller dealers?
  186. Mineral White M3 Just Ordered
  187. UK M3/M4 Deals
  188. Total cost of your purchase
  189. M3:M4 Allocation Ratio
  190. Where to buy the new M3 in the Baltimore, MD area?
  191. Where are the cars the cars that've been built?
  192. UK Order Status Codes Post your codes/dates as they update please.
  193. BMWUSA Mobile M3/M4 Site online
  194. I can't take it any longer
  195. 2015 M3 and M4 Configurators are LIVE at BMWUSA.com
  196. Order Status Change Question
  197. Update: M3/M4 allocations are in
  198. Option value at trade in
  199. Got my VIN number assigned!
  200. dealer attempting to get me to purchase dealer allocation
  201. Pricing MSRP or Oversticker *Feeler*
  202. LED vs HK vs 19 inch rims Black
  203. Carbon Fiber Interior-Build Your Own
  204. Executive package, executive priced?
  205. Will Dealers be getting their M's this month ???
  206. June build date for customer orders
  207. Anyone in North East get delivery dates?
  208. pulled the trigger today
  209. CCB delayed till July
  210. New M3/M4 $2500 off MSRP no BS on other fees! JMK BMW in NJ
  211. Status 111 - M3 or M4?
  212. Do you need M4 allocation....
  213. Just ordered mine...delivery time
  214. ED M4: 7% off PLUS $2,000 and MF markup?!?!
  215. How long after production week until ED?
  216. M4 - Best deal so far?!
  217. Official USA F8x Group Tracking for 1st Allocation
  218. Australian M3 / M4 Pricing & Specifications Attached
  219. Is there an invoice price sheet out there?
  220. Until what status can we change color?
  221. First Deliveries when?
  222. ED Flight and Hotel Reservation
  223. ED Delivery:from out of state dealer
  224. Spring of Next Year?
  225. Are You Scheduled for M3/M4 Welt Delivery? Share Your Date And Plans!!
  226. Realistic notice time on a Canadian ED Car?
  227. Non-ED Canadian Orders
  228. European customers - expected delivery
  229. build time to on the boat
  230. Placing my order - help me decide?!
  231. ED without BMW FS
  232. web link to follow build status
  233. What is going on with Canadian allocations? Haven't heard anything about my order?
  234. How much money does it cost to be an early adopter of the F80?
  235. M4 in Canada
  236. BMW "individual" color wall in Munich ??
  237. Looking for the 15 Canadians that are doing the ED on June 23rd
  238. Installing M performance parts on ED - allowed?
  239. Release Date
  240. 'Production Begins' According to My BMW tracking?
  241. Change from stateside del to ED (M4)
  242. Production of my M3 just began today!!!!!
  243. Discounts on Canadian orders
  244. Anyone successful in specifying Individual Products for 2014 Delivery?
  245. Anyone with M3 or M4 in Munich on June 26th/27th?
  246. Customer Video Protal for M3/M4?
  247. What happens next once you get your production number?
  248. ED Customers. Delta cheap fares out of LAX currently
  249. Any M3 allocations for ED NY/NJ?
  250. How would you rank the importance of these packages